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Entry #1

Hello NewGrounds !

2015-03-28 10:01:42 by mowztouch

Hello Newgrounds !

I'm new as a poster here ^^ Long time i come here to play, and watch cool shorts.

So, It's my time to begin sharing with you :)

Here is my first release :

A short i've made for the last mounths. I began to learn Flash about 1 year ago. That's the first one i think good enougt to be shared.

Your opinions and advices are Welcome :)

Thx for reading !


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2015-03-28 11:10:33

Oh boy, I'm already into this series, I love how you tell the story with no dialogue. you've hooked me :)
Welcome to Newgrounds!

mowztouch responds:

Thank you ! I'm very glad you liked it !